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The Internet Financial Business Workshop of College of International Cooperation Held Practice Activities

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The internet financial business workshop of college of international cooperation (CIC) had set up a bunch of courses, such as Micro Marketing of Mobile Internet Age, the object-oriented application system development. Students learning theory courses, while they carry out relative activities group by group. Recently, workshop organized students to comment about what they did in last activities period.

Before the exchange, workshop invited Pro. Yang Huanchun, the professor of college of business, Wenzhou University to make a speech about “Internet Plus” how to develop and apply it. Pro. Yang based on the macro policy and combined the experience of guidance students group start a business with the consultant he made for enterprise. Pro. Yang analysed the environment of starting up a business from the concept of Internet Plus to it’s prospect and how to implement it, encouraged students to make sure focus on one small thing and make it to be best.

After the speech, it was the workshop exchange time. Seven groups had shared their achievement about the mobile financial payment products which were supplied by Industrial Bank Co.. LTD. Students spoke his mind freely, commented their achievement, raised some problems they faced in the real situation and they made some design and forecast about new internet financial product through brain-storming. The tutor of every group assigned by Industrial Bank Co.. LTD had comment about each group.

Wu Jinwang, the general manager of marketing and management of Wenzhou branch of Industrial Bank Co.. LTD made the final speech. He gave all students credit with their practice result and encouraged their passion. Meanwhile, he said he is willing to give help to the students who would like to start a business and do more school-enterprise cooperation activities to supply a wider platform for career opportunities.

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