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China Daily Website: The Outstanding Graduate Finished her Study across Three Continents

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From the Chinese language school in Italy to Wenzhou University (WZU) then to the Keuka University, recently, the female outstanding graduation which studied across three continents had graduated from the first Chinese double degree class of WZU. She said it’s a wise idea to study in China while more and more Chinese students choose to study abroad.

The first Chinese double degree class is a class where the overseas Chinese descendants can get Chinese-American double degree and the class was founded by WZU. Recently, the first Chinese double degree class had graduated successfully. Hu Yuyu, she is a Chinese-Italian and one of the outstanding graduation had won the Gold Key Award from the Keuka University as the first prize in the school grade. She was selected from 707 students by 5 colleges, 4 schools.

In the graduation ceremony, Hu Yuyu use English to make the speech as the representative of outstanding students. She said she was appreciated to have the chance to study in China which given by WZU and she insisted it was a wise idea.

Hu Yuyu, 23 years old, who was grown up in Milan Italy. Her parents are both from Wencheng ,Wenzhou and had run a restaurant in Milan years ago. At first, Hu just can speak Italian and Wenzhou dialect. Hu’s parents made she to study Chinese in the Chinese Language School in Italy as China's increasing influence in the world. And she participated in the summer camp activities organized by WZU as she is Wenzhou native.

She came to Keuka University in her senior year to finish her bachelor study, and she was won the first prize by GPA3.912/4. “Nowadays, Chinese and English are both very important in the world, so it’s a wise idea that my father sent me to study in the Chinese Language School and WZU.”said by Hu Yuyu.  When she mentioned about the study experience, she thinks that people should try your best to finish a job, otherwise it just waste time. As she has the earnest study attitude and be strict with herself to made her got the first prize in almost every test.

Besides, Hu’s international study background made she has more opinion about things. Talked about the future plan, Hu said that she wants back to Italy because her parents are both in Italy, but the economic is not so good in Italy and the employment is not well. So she may choose to work in USA or China.

To make foreign Chinese students education platform , focus on a new generation of training successors of the Wenzhou merchants. In 2011, WZU had set up the program that the oversea Wenzhou native people study in WZU and get the Chinese-American or Chinese-Denmark double degree which can help oversea students especially the child of Wenzhou merchants in the world to have the chance to learn Chinese and increase the oversea Wenzhou merchants to have the sense of belonging and identity to Wenzhou.

It’s the first time to have the kind of full-time bachelor class which combined the foreign students education and sino-foreign cooperation in education in Wenzhou. And the Overseas Students of Chinese Origin are from all over the world to have the International Economic and trade Bachelor degree of Chinese-American double degree.

According to reports, they learned economic and trade and organization knowledge of China and USA at the same time and they was taught by both Chinese and English. They communicated with the Chinese students and the foreign students from the world. Now they had graduated successfully and became the business talents with international vision and comprehensive development ability.

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