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Newly Starting, Attentively Experiencing--Our College Holding Initial Activities for 2015 Oversea Freshmen

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In Room 304, Expert Building, College of International Cooperation held an initial education activity at 9 o’clock on the morning of Sep. 11th. Bao Hanli deputy dean, Huanghuerli, deputy chief of education department, Zhengting, head of the teaching and researching section, and Zhou Ying, from student affair office, attended the meeting.

Ms. Bao expressed her warm welcome and congratulations to the attendance of all the freshmen to join the big “family” of College of international cooperation. She introduced the characteristics of our college to the freshmen. Besides getting more and more professional knowledge by hard work, she hope they can also participate any activity in college in order to broaden their communication which can lead to a good communication surrounding and learning opportunity. She firmly believed that everyone can realize their learning target which is “to speak fluent Chinese” by their hard work.

Ms Zheng, on the behalf of all the teachers, welcomed the 2015 freshmen’s arrival to our college. She detailedly introduced our Chinese curriculum design, analyzed the course arrangement for different level of the Chinese classes, definited learning task and target in different phase. She also put forward her requirements to students.

Mr. Huang systematicly explained the elective system. He simply demonstrated how to elect courses and related steps, with reminding of the matters needing attention.Meanwhile, he introduce some important things such as the elements which compose the credits, examinations and minor subjects ect.

Ms Zhou read the relevant contents in oversea students handbooks, emphasized those rules which students have to obey. She explained the students’ rights and obligations in college. Furthermore, she also strengthened the importance of the daily security protection by comprehensive safety education.

After the meeting, students were shown around the history museum, administration building, library, dinning rooms and so on. Thus they can get familiar with college facilitates, surroundings and resources in order that they could get convenient access to campus life.

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