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WZU’s president invited to give a speech in ISSTPM

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President Li of Wenzhou University was invited to give a speech named “management system and application of Chinese universities’ Scientific Research as well as its international cooperation” in International Seminar on Science and Technology Policies and Management (hereinafter referred to as the ISSTPM). The ISSTPM is held by China Science and Technology Exchange Center every year since 2012 and it aims to share China’s success story about technological development and improve technological policies and management capabilities for technical experts and its department heads from developing countries. This year, 21 experts and technical department heads from countries along the Belt and Road attended the seminar.

President Li and attendants at the seminar

In his speech, President Li put forward a concept of establishing a shared community of education under the Belt and Road Initiative and a new model of integrating education and industry through people to people, cultural, educational and economic exchanges. In the seminar, he showed how WZU pursued its own development under the Belt and Road Initiative and how WZU worked to integrate its education with relevant industries.

WZU’s new educational cooperation model under the Belt and Road Initiative

He pointed out that, on the one hand, WZU successfully explored ways to establish schools overseas. Presently, it has established an Italy Campus in collaboration with University of Siena, Italy, a country along the Belt and Road. One the other hand, WZU has proposed the project “study in Wenzhou University”, which aims to attract more international students, especially those from countries along the Belt and Road. This project was highly appraised by all attendants, who support cooperative education in producing high-caliber talents for the Belt and Road Initiative. By 2020, WZU is projected to have 1,500 overseas students studying on its campuses.

A new cooperation model between researchers with medical enterprises

President Li also shared his experience in exploring new ways of cooperation between researchers and medical enterprises. During the process, a great number of medical experts from home and abroad has been introduced into his team. In order to accelerate the application of the scientific achievements, his team has cooperated with a bunch of R&D centers, government departments, hospitals and medical enterprises. Fortunately, his team blazed a trail for cooperation between researchers and medical enterprises.

WZU leverages local strengths to establish labs and R&D centers

President Li said that WZU, a local university, had been leveraging the strengths of Wenzhou while developing itself. As a result, it has established a lot of labs with local distinctions such as pen-making and leather labs and R&D centers with more than 20 local corporations in a cooperative manner.

After the seminar, President Li exchanges his ideas with one attendant

WZU has been also working with local companies to train those students from countries along the Belt and Road. After the seminar, several senior executives from local groups accompanying President Li talked with those experts and technical department heads about potential cooperation.  

-Editor: Qiang Jiangchao


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