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Welcome to Wenzhou University, Class of 2021

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On 19th September, Wenzhou University welcomed new students from all corners of China to join her big family.

Lin Juanjuan,Secretary of CPC committee of WZU ,talks with freshmen and their parents

A free buffet for freshmen and their parents

A porter offers a free delivery of luggage to residential halls  

As a caring university, WZU had done a lot to welcome these students. We offered pick-up services at bus and railway stations. A diverse and large portfolio of services was offered on its campuses, such as a free delivery of luggage to residential halls, consulting services on campus life and offering places where parents and students can rest and have free drinks.

Seniors pick up new students at railway stations


Faculty members answer questions raised by new students and their parents

College students, especially freshmen, are vulnerable to cyber fraud.  WZU takes relevant measures to raise awareness of college students in this regard. At the same day of the arrival of new students, staff members from school’s Office of Information Technology gave out leaflets about cyber security and offered several tips on how to avoid threats of cyber scams.  

A spot for students to take photos in memory of a new threshold of their life

All new students and their parents expressed their gratitude to WZU and its staff, faculty and senior students for what they have done. Those students were  looking forward to their campus life with great anticipation.

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