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E-clearance Available for Exports at Port of Wenzhou

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On April 7, the container numbered TEMU 5369532 was for the first time released by Wenzhou Customs House through E-clearance at Zhuangyuan’ao International Port, marking the full implementation of E-clearance of exports at Port of Wenzhou.

According to reports, the traditional paper-based clearance procedure consists of the preparation of documents for customs clearance by customs brokers, the examination and approval of these documents by the customs service, the transfer of these documents by the shipping tally company to the port authorities to check and verify before the loading of the goods on board. “Traditionally, such a procedure may take at least 3 to 5 hours. If the exporter is not a local one, it may take at least a few days as the documents have to be sent by express mail service before declaration is made.”

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