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Stay connected to WZU-ISO on WeChat

Stay Connected to International Student Service at Wenzhou University by subscribing to WZU-ISO, the official WeChat account of International Student Office of Wenzhou University. You can receive real-time push notification about various essential information to help your stay and study in Wenzhou. 

To install WeChat (微信) on your phone, use one of the three methods: 
1. Search WeChat or 微信  in the app store on your phone; OR. 
2. Go to and follow directions; OR. 
3. Scan the QR code below if your phone has a QR scanner or functionality: 

After WeChat is installed on your phone, create an account for yourself, log onto it, then subscribe to WZU-ISO using one of the two methods below: 
1. Click “Contacts” tab at the bottom of your phone screen, click “Official Accounts” on the list, then click “+” on the upper right corner, input WZI-ISO into the blank and press Search; click on the result generated, and press “Follow” to subscribe; OR.
2. Click “Discover” tab at the bottom of your phone screen, click “Scan QR Code” to scan the QR code below, and press “Follow” to subscribe. 

You can find helpful information about Wenzhou, Wenzhou University and more at the navigation tabs in the app. If you have any question, just leave a message and we will get back to you. 

If you have any question using this app or any question in general, please email us at 

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