College of Chemistry and Materials Engineering

1. About College of Chemistry and Materials Engineering

The College of Chemistry and Materials Engineering (CCME) at Wenzhou University was established in 1958. CCME now has 117 full-time faculty members, including 30 professors and 39 associate professors. Most of our faculty members have overseas study and research experience. We have many outstanding scientists in our college, such as the winner of "National Outstanding Youth Science Fund", the members of “National New Centaury Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Program”, and the members of "National Thousand Talents Program". In recent years, our college has achieved significant progress in both teaching and scientific research. We have received more than RMB 100 million of funds in the last five years, including 74 national-level grants such as National Outstanding Youth Funds, National Science and Technology Support Program, MOST "863" Project, and NSFC Projects. We have won many provincial and national awards in teaching, science and technology. Each year, our faculty members publish more than two hundred high-quality articles in prestigious scientific journals such as Nature, Adv. Mater., JACS, Angwe. Chem. Int. Ed., AIChE. J., etc. Currently, both chemistry and engineering disciplines rank top 1% among their peers worldwide according to Essential Science Indicator (ESI) in 2016. 
    Our college offers 4 undergraduate programs (Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology) and 5 master programs (Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Chemistry Curriculum and Teaching Theory, Subject Teaching). Chemistry in our college is the Feature Specialty of the National Ministry of Education, and Applied Chemistry is that of Zhejiang Province. Chemical Engineering is included in Outstanding Engineers Training Program of the National Ministry of Education. Our college has an Experiment Center, which is the key experiment-teaching centre of Zhejiang province. We establish some research platforms and key laboratories, such as State Key Laboratory of Pen-Producing Materials, Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Leather Engineering, Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Carbon Materials, and Institute of New Materials and Industrial Technology of Wenzhou University & Wenzhou City. Our college also has programs for international students. We recruit both undergraduate and graduate students each year. The lectures offered in these programs are taught completely in English, with English textbooks and materials.    
    In recent years, We have hosted a series of distinctive and influential national or international academic conferences, such as the National Leather Chemical Conference, the 16th National Organometallic Chemistry Academic Conference, and the Sino-Germany Bilateral Seminar on “Applications and Frontier of NMR New Methods in Organic Chemistry", etc. In the past five years, we have invited more than 150 famous scholars both domestic and abroad to visit our college and give our students academic lectures, which greatly improve the academic level and training quality of the college.
    We have some unique research directions for regional economy in the fields of pen-producing engineering, leather-producing engineering, rubber and plastic processing engineering, polyurethane, and energy materials. We have the National Professional Skill Appraisal Station for the Pen-Producing Industry and the National Occupation Skill Training Base for the Pen-Producing Industry. We also have the Zhejiang Leather Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, and the Zhejiang Polymer Materials Business Alliance technically supported by Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Carbon Materials in our college.

Overview of the college 

Covering over 10000m2, the college has 117 faculties, more than 1000 undergraduates, and over 300 postgraduates. 

Major Ranks:
Chemistry: top 1% (ESI), top 7% in China
Applied Chemistry: top 10% in China
Chemical Engineering and Technology: top 17% in China

Discipline Ranks:
Pen-Producing Engineering: No. 1 in China
Leather Engineering: No. 3 in China

Key Laboratories:
State Key Laboratory of Pen-Producing Materials: The predecessor of the laboratory is the Key Laboratory of Pen-Making in Wenzhou, which was established in 2003.  It now covers 1500m2, and has 4 professional research staffs and 15 part-time workers. The major research focuses on the areas of pen point, ink localization, match technology of ink and pen point, high quality pen manufacturing technoloty, new materials technology related pen-producing, environmental protection technology related pen-producing, etc. 
Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Leather Engineering: The laboratory covers 5700m2 and has 36 professional research staffs. The laboratory has top quality leather-producing equipment and leather-testing instruments with a total value of 22 million RMB. It has housed more than 30 projects such as the National Scientifical Technology Support Projects, Zhejiang Scientifical Technology Key Projects, etc. The current major research orientation focuses on clean production technology in leather-producing, green leather chemicals, comprehensive utillizatin of leather wastes, leather pollution protection, etc. 

Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Carbon Materials: The laboratory was established in 2012. It has 43 professional staffs and occupies 3000m2 of land. The laboratory has a series of high-end equipment such as SEM, TEM, X-ray powder diffractometer etc, which the total value is over 30 million RMB. It has achieved 39 of the National Natural Science Foundation Project, 23 of Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation Project and Most “863” Project, etc. The staff in the laboratory published more than 250 high-quality articles in prestigious scientific journals such as Angwe. Chem. Int. Ed., JACS, Adv. Mater., ACS Nano., etc. The major research direction focuses on the nano structure of carbon materials and carbon pigment materials.

2. Faculty Administration

School Leadership
Dean                                                Dr. Wan Shun
Secretary of Party Committee                            Mr. Fan Leping
Vice Dean                                            Dr. Yang Xiaoping 
Vice Dean                                            Dr. Chen Jiuxi
Deputy Secretary of Party Committee                      Mr. Pan Congyi

Head of Department
Department of Chemistry                                Dr. Li Xinhua
Department of Applied Chemistry                          Dr. Zhao Yajuan
Department of Materials Science and Engineering             Dr. Zou Chao
Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology          Dr. Xu Jin

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