College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Introduction of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

    The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Wenzhou University (WZU) was founded in 1993. WZU puts great focus on the development of it among all engineering colleges at WZU. There are three bachelor-degree majors, namely Mechanical Engineering ( one of the pilot "Outstanding Engineers Training Project" designed by the China Ministry of Education), Industrial Engineering (provincial characteristic specialty and key specialty of Wenzhou), Automobile Service Engineering, and one Mechanical Engineering (International) major, totally 840 Chinese undergraduates, nearly 40 international undergraduates, and 83 graduate students. This college is also authorized of academic master's degree program in Manufacturing Informatization Technology(sub-discipline) and professional master's degree program in Mechanical Engineering. There are 73 staff and 47 full-time teachers.
    Our college has 4 science research institutes, as showed below, Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology, Institute of Laser Manufacturing and Nontraditional Machining Technology, Institute of Automobile Engineering Technology, and Research Center of Manufacturing System and Automation Engineering. Besides, one national level base,  International Cooperation Base of Laser Processing Robot, three provincial key laboratories, as well as four city-level key laboratories and service platforms are launched in our college.

Introduction of Mechanical Engineering (International)

    Mechanical Engineering (International) is titled as international characteristic specialty of Zhejiang Province, and it is also one of the first all-English majors in WZU. This major is oriented by the great needs of international engineering talents and pays attention to the education of professional knowledge. Our target is to train students to be innovative mechanical engineers who have strong practical ability, international vision, and great understanding of culture pluralism. Meanwhile, our students will be able to communicate with counterparts all over the world and are infused with good team spirit. They will fit in positions of product manufacturing, technical application, system supporting, operation management in international engineering enterprises and scientific research institutions. This major adapts international teaching content and mode. Most students in this major will have chance to attend varies exchange programs abroad. 

Key Results of Scientific Researches

    The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has undertaken 15 International Science and Technology Cooperation programs, more than 60 provincial level or above projects, and more than 70 ministry-level projects, such as projects of National High-tech Research and Development Program of China(863 program), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and so on. Moreover, it has received funding over 15 million RMB. There are more than 200 articles have been published, including more than 80 articles published in SCI, EI and so on. One first prize and three third prize of Scientific and Technological Award of Zhejiang Province, as well as many city-level prizes are given to the college. More importantly, those results have been transformed into productivity, which brings tremendous social and economic benefits.

Results of Industry-Academia-Research

    The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering believes that colleges and universities should drive economic and social development, as well as regional innovation development. Therefore, it focuses on building up coordinative innovation relation with scientific institutions and enterprises. By the end of 2016, the college had established 13 cooperation platforms with Tiantai Government, Wenling Science and Technology Bureau, South Zhejiang Science & Technology Park and so on. Through those cooperation, alliances can accelerate source sharing and tackle key scientific research projects, which realizes the transformation of innovations and improvement of economic development pattern to optimize regional industrial structure and boost economic development.

Development Goal

    The college aims at edging itself into the top list of all mechanical colleges who have master programs in Zhejiang Province by improving its overall strength. Through the optimization of the master programs, improvement of national teaching and scientific research platform, achievement of the breakthrough of international education, the college will elevate the teaching and scientific research strength into a new stage to lay the foundation of doctor programs in the future.

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