School of Foreign Studies

The predecessors of the School of Foreign Studies were formerly the English Language Department of Wenzhou Normal College which was set up in 1978 and the College English Division of Wenzhou College which was set up in 1985. It started to recruit undergraduates in 1996 and recruit master degree candidate in 2007. The School of Foreign Studies offers two undergraduate courses for English majors, including English Education and Translation & Interpreting. It also offers three master programs, including English Curriculum and Teaching Theory, Master of English Education and English Language and Literature which consists of three directions: English Linguistics, English Literature and Culture, English Translation Theory and Practice. The School of Foreign Studies has three departments, including English Department, Translation Department and College English Division. It has seven institutions, including American Culture Institution, Comparative Literature Research Institution, Language and Cognitive Science Institution, Foreign Language Teaching Theory, English Translation Research Institution, Business English Institution and Public Diplomacy Research Institute/ International Image of World Wenzhouese Research Institution.

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