The School of Music of Wenzhou University

    The School of Music of Wenzhou University is located in Southeast of China. It is built with complete supporting facilities——3 large-scale dancing rooms, 1 concert hall with 2 grand concert pianos, 1 digital music classroom, 1 recording studio, 2 digital piano classrooms and 280 piano practicing rooms. We have over 400 full-time students and over 50 employees (42 are teachers). Among those teachers, 8 are professors, 18 are associate professors, 4 get Ph. D. degree, 9 are MA student advisers. We have five performing groups:a choir, a Chinese music orchestra, a dance group, a chamber music group and a pop music group. The Choir has ever won gold medals of World Choir Competition and National Choir Competition, and also the first prize in National College Students Art Performance Contest. The Chinese Orchestra has been awarded the first prize in College Students Art Performance Contest of Zhejiang Province. We also have 6 research establishments:Institute of Music Education, Institute of Chinese Traditional Music Culture, Institute of Piano Music, Institute of Vocal Music, Institute of Quyi and Institute of Music Performance.

1、Music Education, Bachelor’s degree, priority major of Wenzhou University, is aimed at cultivating music talents who are qualified to teach in high schools,middle schools and primary schools. Our students have been awarded the first prize for their excellence three years in succession in the competition for teaching skill in Zhejiang Province. Main courses: music theory and solfeggio,educational psychology, Chinese traditional music history, basic piano (or Chinese instruments) course, basic vocal course, music teaching skill and so on.
2、Music Performance, Bachelor’s degree, is aimed at cultivating music talents who are qualified to play music in all kinds of music performing groups and cultural organizations. Main courses:a major subject of performance (vocal or instrumental), music theory and solfeggio, chamber music course, Chinese folk songs, Chinese opera and so on.
3、Musicology (priority major of Wenzhou University) and Music Performance, Master’s degree, are aimed at cultivating advanced music talents who are qualified for the research work and teaching work in all kinds of schools, colleges, cultural organizations and research centers, or who can independently go in for music performance, music composition and music criticism. 

Key Academic Research Results

In recent years, a large number of academic works have been published, and lots of important academic projects have been done,such as the National academic projects Research on Historical Context of Music Culture in South China (Yuqing, Zhao, 2015) and Research on Daqu, based on form, function and national policy(Hujiu, Bai, 2013).

Future Plan

In the future, Wenzhou University is going to shift the focus of work from teaching to both teaching and academic research,from basic research to both basic research and applied research, and from talents cultivating to both talents cultivating and community servicing. According to this policy, the School of Music, making use of previous research result “Database of South Zhejiang Province’s music culture”, is going to put more effort on South Zhejiang Province’s music culture research, and also on improving the Choir and Chinese Orchestra. 

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