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(1) If students are ill, they may get medical treatment at the school clinic which is in District A (near the China Mobile Centre) of South Campus in Wenzhou University. Students can go to the school clinic of North Campus after 4:30 p.m. Students must pay their own medical fees.
(2) Working time:
The school clinic in District A of South Campus: 8:10am-4:30pm
The school clinic of North Campus: 24 hours (the whole day)
(3) Contact:0577-86680613
(4) Costs of injuries or casualties in accidents arising from students’ disobeying school disciplines or laws are paid entirely by the responsible parties.
(5) If students who have joined the medical insurance program are hospitalized due to illness, please contact the teachers as soon as possible so that we could consult with the insurance company in time.
(6) According to the Chinese Ministry of education regulations, foreign students who study in China for half a year or above at their own expense must be purchased within mainland China Insurance Company's comprehensive medical insurance. Students should purchase the insurance each year or semester. 

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