Procedures of Registration of International Students Living Off Campus, WZU

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Procedures of Registration of International Students Living Off Campus,WZU
1. Report to the college a house lease (contract) and a completed RFISLOC. Once the college permits your off-campus living, the RFISLOC will be stamped and the photocopy of the lease should be kept by WZU.
2. Bring the RFISLOC, passport, Student ID together with the owner of the house to the local police station to complete a Registration.
3. Hand the Registration form from the local police station to the student’s affair office of college of international cooperation, WZU within 3 days.



①“24 小时内”从留学生在校外住宿之日起计算。以上手续可以提前办理。The periods of 24 hours calculated from the date when you move into the off-campus house. The above procedures may be followed in advance.
② 从学校宿舍搬至校外住宿的学生持《登记表》在宿舍公寓管理处办理退房手续。If you move outside campus from dormitory, the RFISLOC should be shown to the reception.
③ 温州大学国际合作学院学生科电话:86689367;15067817462

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